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Digital Coach


  • Name: Stephan Morand
  • Email: stephan.morand@me.com
  • Phone: (+33) 628 353 362
  • Date of birth: 20 March 1984

Professional Profile

As a techie-addict since my early childhood, I have always paid a particular attention to the latest innovations and globally to the news from the digital world.

Master of Interactivity with 6 months spent next to Nokia and one semester in India, I learnt how new technologies as well as Internet can really improve our lives.

After visiting many places, especially through Asia, I am today picking up and implementing the best innovative solutions in order to provide a true competitive advantage for the people I advice.

Built from my 8 years' experience working in an international environment, I have developped several skills related to Web and also print : from project management to coding, going through UX Design, Usability, Digital presence, Photo editing, Web design, SEO, Analytics. I have contributed successfully to projects with different issues & different sizes.


I am co-founder of NMDE, Numérique Mode D'Emploi. This organization has 2 main objectives to serve the needs of the young and old :
- increase public awareness regarding Internet use issues
- help people (unemployed, students, pensioners ...) to take benefits from the new technologies.
I find ways to achieve these goals by explaining with pedagogy and sharing my experience.

In addition, I am also juror for professional titles such as Advisor in Informative Technology and Communication, Computer layout graphics artist and Computer graphics artist.

Please let me know if you think we could (and should) work together, I would be glad to take part of your project.


What I am doing best.

Through my work experience, I'm gaining and developping accurate and up to date skills useful for the digital switch-over.

Project Management

8 years

Usability & UX Design

10 years

Technical Expertise

10 years

Digital Strategy

7 years


On a daily basis, I develop a know-how in a wide range of activities, asked by customers. Here is an insight of what knowledge I will use for the projects I drive.

  • Mobile & Responsive
  • HTML5/CSS3
  • Drupal
  • Wordpress
  • Advanced SEO techniques
  • Google Analytics
  • User Testing
  • Web Design
  • Community Management
  • Pedagogy
  • Customer needs understanding

Language Skills

As a traveler, especially through Asia, I developed the ability to communicate with ease

French Native language
English Experienced
Spanish Basic
German Basic


More than 8 Years Experience.

From digital coach to coder, from small companies to bigger ones, I had the chance to work at great places for great customers.



2012 - present
OOPO supports its clients to be successful in their digital switch-over and to set up a tailored digital strategy : to be more visible (SEO, SMO, ...), to build customer loyalty, to optimize process, to code tailored solutions, to improve user interface, to conduct skills training.

Digital Marketer

2008 - 2013
BIL is the oldest established private bank in Luxembourg. I had different hats : coder for the front websites, manager ad interim of the Online Strategy department, project manager for the revamping (ergonomics, mobile, branding, apps, ...)

Web developer

2007 - 2008
Working for real estates companies, creating logos, websites and flyers. I was also working on two other main projects : to develop Flash games for children to facilitate the learning process in mathematics and to create a platform dedicated to hospital workers in order to handle the generation gap between old and young people.
University of Lorraine


Teaching HTML and Photoshop to groups of about 25 post-graduated students. I also prepared, organized and corrected the examination.
Rishi Valley

Digital Advisor

2005 - 2006
During a six months trainee period, I took part of an innovative Indian school project supported by the Unicef, by improving their use of new technologies and by creating video games (Actionscript & Flash), animations showing the school way of teaching. I also developed a software for the hospital in order to manage expenditure and medicine stock. You can know more about this school by visiting rishivalley.org


Just My Education.

To obtain my master degree, I had the chance to join great curriculum, allowing me to study and work abroad (Finland, India and Luxembourg)

University of Lorraine

Master Interactivity

This diploma allowed me to practice some of my favourite skills : photo and video editing, 3D sketching and web development.
University of Tampere

Usability & UX Design

During a student exchange program, I studied in University of Tampere (Finland), well known for its modern image. I focused on topics like Usability Evaluation Methods, New Interaction Technics and Hypermedia.
University of Lorraine

Master Degree HCI

2003 - 2006
HCI stands for Human Computer Interaction. This degree provides project management skills, technical skills like Network or coding (HTML/CSS, PHP/MySQL, C#) and also Cognitive Science to help one analyzing human behavior in front of a machine.

Recent work

Some projects.

Some of them are ongoing work, some others are over and I think could be shared. In every cases, I worked with great people to reach our goals.


Let's Keep In Touch.

Whatever project I worked for, it always started with a contact ! Please feel free to get in touch, I most often answer (if the request is not spammy).

(+33) 628 353 362

I'm also on Social Networks

Of course, you can contact me via your favourite Social network, all you need to do is choosing it

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